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Actually, These Are the Real Top 10 Anime Betrayals


Actually, These Are the Real Top 10 Anime Betrayals

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Bertolt and Reiner’s Big Reveal (Attack on Titan)

Actually, These Are the Real Top 10 Anime Betrayals\

Obvious spoiler warning about crazy betrayals ahead. Don’t read any of these if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Attack on Titan


Titans have long been terrorizing humanity throughout history, often making them tasty morsels without an inch of remorse. At some point in history, humanity finally managed to “counter” the threat by creating extremely large walls around their home kingdom. These barriers would serve as a surefire way to keep the Titans away from their home while humanity finally lived in “peace” without fear of being food. It wasn’t until the year 845 when the Colossus and Armored Titans burst through the walls as if they were flimsy sheets of paper, ultimately endangering mankind yet again.

The shocking event spurred the anime’s protagonist, Eren, into action after a Titan mercilessly ate his mother. He steeled his resolve and joined the military to exact revenge against the Titans and join the fight for humanity. He meets some interesting personalities along the way, including Reiner and Bertolt, two men who shared his hate for the Titans. It wasn’t until one major battle when the two reveal that they were the same titans who broke the kingdom walls, serving as one of the most shocking anime betrayals for both Eren and the viewers.

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