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Top 10 Greatest Dragon Ball Z Moments of All Time


Top 10 Greatest Dragon Ball Z Moments of All Time

The iconic moments that made the classic.

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Gohan’s One-Armed Kamehameha With Goku’s Help

The title on this one says it all. Easily one of the most epic moments in Dragon Ball Z was when Gohan let off a powerful Kamehameha blast with one arm while his then-deceased father appeared by his side to help him. It was seriously an overload of epicness that reminded us all why we’re okay with Dragon Ball Z not always making a ton of sense — and that’s based on the show’s own logic.

Anyway, during this time Goku was dead (again) and it was up to Gohan to step up and be the hero that Earth so desperately needed now that Cell had returned. The sad news was that our young hero was lacking confidence at the time since he was, well, short on usable arms. But Goku finally had a father of the year moment where he stepped in and talked Gohan through the entire process, guiding him and giving him the confidence boost he needed to save the entire planet. With just one arm, Gohan was able to create a strong Kamehameha blast and just as he prepared to launch it at Cell, Goku appeared in spirit form to help get the job done. This surprising attack by Gohan actually ended the Cell Games and served as a truly pivotal moment in Gohan’s development.

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