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Every Cool Black Mirror Season 4 Easter Egg You Might Have Missed


Every Cool Black Mirror Season 4 Easter Egg You Might Have Missed

Lots of really cool references!

USS Callister

Black Mirror Season 4 Easter Eggs

USS Calister is one giant Star Trek spoof, but along with references to that iconic series, as well as cameos from famous actors such as Kirsten Dunst and Aaron Paul, there are a few Easter eggs to Black Mirror episodes gone by, too.

Callister’s front-of-house secretary, Elena Tulaska isn’t the most attentive of employees. She’s seen browsing her phone, more interested in dating apps than smiling at colleagues that walk past. The app she’s using is the same one from Hang the DJ. We know it’s pretty handy at finding matches, so no wonder she ignores Daly as he struggles to walk through the security barriers.

Later in the episode, aboard the USS Calister, the planets Skillane IV and Rannoch that are visited by the crew might sound familiar. That’s because they’re based on Victoria Skillane and Iain Rannoch, the criminals from the White Bear episode from season two.

Daly is a big fan of vanilla lattes, and the brand of milk he prefers, Raiman milk, is a callback to Raiman from season three’s Men Against Fire. In that episode, Raiman described her family farm, which we can now assume is a dairy farm.

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