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5 Surprise Gaming Announcements So Crazy, Evanescence Would Wake Up


5 Surprise Gaming Announcements So Crazy, Evanescence Would Wake Up

Please? Pretty please?

Surprises are great, aren’t they? Especially the ones you really didn’t see coming, which is an increasingly harder thing to pull off in this modern age of social media. Let’s not spoil too many, but here’s to at least one or two of the following come to pass at some point this year. Bear in mind, these are completely made up and are highly unlikely … or are they?


Spyro, year of the dragon, insomniac games

Activision hit pay dirt with their Crash Bandicoot revival on PS4 and a betting man would put money on a follow-up reveal or two coming real soon. The biggest of which will hopefully be the return of Spyro the Dragon, with a remastered collection exclusive to PS4 featuring the first three games in the series. There are plenty of gamers out there who are mad keen for a Spyro revival, and the success of Crash Bandicoot’s N. Sane Trilogy has put that nugget of a possibility into the heads of many.

Meanwhile, both the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will finally receive the N. Sane Trilogy as the PS4 exclusive period comes to an end. An even bigger surprise than that? How does a ride on Yoshi as an exclusive Nintendo Switch bonus sound?

Want one last surprise? Activision will throw out a few teasers about a possible, brand new Crash Bandicoot. One can hope, and at this point why wouldn’t they?

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