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10 Anime Series Like Devilman Crybaby if You’re Looking for Something Similar


10 Anime Series Like Devilman Crybaby if You’re Looking for Something Similar

If you enjoyed Devilman Crybaby, you’re in for a bloody good time with these similarly crazy shows.

If Devilman Crybaby is any indication, there’s something people like about an over-the-top, hyper violent anime.

Whether it’s the way they make the buckets of blood shimmer or the downright bonkers fight scenes, violent anime can be a treat when you just want to watch something less than safe for everyone. It’s no surprise then that Netflix’s new remake of the gore-soaked anime classic has been met with widespread popularity, with many applauding its general embrace of the stylistic extremes of violence and adult themes. It’s not the only exemplary anime of its kind however, and if you enjoyed Devilman Crybaby, these 10 anime series will offer a similarly visceral experience. Also, fair warning that these anime series are NSFW.

Attack On Titan

attack on titan, season 2, trailer

When humanity loses its place at the top of the food chain, the result is anything but bloodless. After fighting a losing battle against gargantuan creatures known as Titans, humankind finds itself cornered within cities protected behind massive walls. For a time there is peace, until one of the walls is brought down and a third of the population is devoured or slaughtered. From the tragedy, however, a chance at victory is found through Eren Jaeger, a young man with an endless hatred for the Titans and a power to become one himself.

The series doesn’t pull any punches with how it conveys the fear of its characters, showing in graphic detail what awaits those caught and eaten by the Titans. Likewise, fights are vicious and bone crunching, many times showing the more gruesome side of combat most shonen offerings glaze over. Much like Devilman though, Attack on Titan handles this subject matter beautifully, and it stands as one of the best anime in recent years for older audiences.

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