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10 Gaming Characters We Would Totally Hang Out With


10 Gaming Characters We Would Totally Hang Out With

Will you be my buddy?

Quick: Think of your best friend for a moment. What is the coolest thing they’ve ever done? Maybe they donated some blood last year? Or ran a half-marathon? Perhaps they own a fondue set in an entirely unironic way that defies belief, but somehow they simply make it work.

Sure, these things may be admirable in their own right (not so much the fondue set), but on occasion; you may find yourself wanting something more. It’s human nature, after all, to desire superior things. Rubbing shoulders with the greats is truly aspirational, and decades of gaming have yielded several characters who you’d like to hang out with, at least just once.

We’ve compiled a quick list of potential candidates for your consideration. There are countless others who just fell short for reasons that become apparent after further rumination. For example, Sonya Blade might be cool to have around, but she’s liable to literally tear you in half with her legs, and that’s no fun at all.

…Unless you’re into that kind of thing. No judgment.

Ezio Auditore

ezio, assassin's creed

Let’s start with an obvious one. By far the most popular of the many assassins present in the series (though there’s certainly something to be said for Adéwalé), Ezio is beguiling, passionate and cultured. Coming from an affluent background, he appreciates the finer things in life, and would no doubt prove to be most useful when selecting the best bottle of wine, as long as it was from the 1400s or earlier. It’s a niche market, but a market all the same.

Ezio has suffered mightily over the years, watching his family members be executed in front of him, and has faced off against the wicked Templars on more than one occasion. Despite this, he still knows how to put on the old charm when necessary, having enchanted such historical figures like Leonardo Da Vinci.

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