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Top 5 Best Anime of October 2017 You Should Watch


Top 5 Best Anime of October 2017 You Should Watch

There’s a ton of potential here

Girl’s Last Tour

Action-packed anime that feature powerful warriors, ninjas, magicians and such are an easy sell. Even if the storytelling is subpar, character development is lackluster, and the plot is filled with enough holes that it would put Swiss cheese to shame, there are often more than enough viewers willing to forgive these flaws if they are at least being entertained with epic fight scenes. Girl’s Last Tour doesn’t have the luxury on leaning back on action and yet it is already off to an incredible start. Girl’s Last Tour follows the story of Chito and Yuuri as they navigate a world that is now empty and desolate. The world as they know it is gone and they find themselves alone in this new, bleak version of the world that once was.

If you’re thinking this anime is all about two girls drowning in their sorrows, however, you’d be mistaken. This slice of life/adventure anime showcases the joy that these two girls are still able to find in one another as they venture across decrepit landscapes on their beloved Kettenkrad motorcycle.

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