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Gran Turismo Sport: How to Get a Better Sportsmanship Rating


Gran Turismo Sport: How to Get a Better Sportsmanship Rating

Not a racing derby.

How to Get a Better Sportsmanship Rating in Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport has officially partnered with Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to provide thrilling world championship events and allow players to earn a real racing license by acing missions in career mode and maintaining a high Driver Rating and Sportsmanship Rating. With the presence of a real-life governing body for auto racing events in Gran Turismo, the game puts huge value to one’s Sportsmanship Rating, an indicator that displays a player’s behavior on the race track. Aside from serving as a way to group players with similar behavior in matchmaking, players with a low enough Sportsmanship Rating cannot progress their Driver Rating.

One’s Sportsmanship Rating can only be increased in competitive matches in the Sport mode category. Improving the rating can be tricky as you’ll be dealing with other real-life players. There are several ways to increase and decrease your rating during these matches.

During a race, you’ll see a green or orange indicator. Green means your Sportsmanship Rating is being increased while orange is the opposite. Balancing unsportsmanlike behavior with clean racing won’t help improve your rating. There are a total of six Sportsmanship Ratings: E, D, C, B, A, and S. Rating E is the lowest while S is the highest.

So, what are the factors that affect your Sportsmanship Rating? First off, ramming others or pushing them outside the track will decrease your Sportmanship Rating. To avoid this, only overtake other players when you have a clear opening. You can flash your headlights by pressing the L3 button to signal to them that you plan to overtake their car. In addition, getting hit by another vehicle will decrease your rating. To counter this, when you see that a faster car is trying to overtake your vehicle, simply steer out of their way and let them pass through.

Getting your car rammed by another driver also decreases your Sportsmanship rating regardless if you braked too late on corners or it’s not entirely your fault. Being aware of your surroundings and the behavior of fellow drivers is the only way to prevent car collisions. If you spot an ill-mannered driver, reposition your car accordingly and steer out of their way.

Racing cleanly in each sector of a track will improve your rating.  Simply put, be at your best behavior at all times by racing cleanly, being aware of your surroundings, and respecting other drivers.

Gran Turismo Sport also has racing etiquette videos that delve on key ideas regarding sportsmanship. Watching both clips will also earn you a brand new car.

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