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Top 10 Best Cyberpunk Games of All Time


Top 10 Best Cyberpunk Games of All Time

A dystopic future.

Remember Me

Top 10 Best Cyberpunk Games of All Time

Remember Me is an interesting, memory hopping cyberpunk adventure crafted by Dontnod, who you’ll probably know better for Life is Strange. The truly startling thing is that Remember Me is Dontnod’s debut title, and it’s definitely one to remember. The game sees you playing as Nilin, a memory hunter working for an underground resistance called the Errorists. Like many cyberpunk works, a megacorporation called Memorize has taken an unhealthy control over the world, and laid claim to people’s memories in a way as well.

Remember Me uses many typical cyberpunk themes, but it’s more a game about emotion and relationships, and how budding technology like social media can impact those. Across the adventure, Nilin has to recover her own lost memories and even has the ability to reconstruct and view others. Remember Me does have a few problems, particularly in the gameplay and pacing departments. However, there’s an incredibly ambitious story to see here, with a strong female lead that grows and changes throughout the experience. In terms of world-building, characterization, soundtrack, and presentation, Remember Me stands tall with the best cyberpunk games, even if the gameplay doesn’t match up.

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