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Amazon Prime Day 2017: When Do the Sales Start


Amazon Prime Day 2017: When Do the Sales Start

Like the Steam summer sale for PC gamers, the Amazon Prime Day sales are usually a time to both rejoice, and weep as your wallet slowly fades away due to irresistible deals. Amazon Prime Day 2017 will feature A LOT of deals for both your gaming and non-gaming needs. From electronics, to household items and movies, anything you can think of will probably be on sale, including games of course.

If you’re wondering when Amazon Prime Day 2017 will start, note that this year it will begin late on Monday night on the east coast of USA and stretch into the next day. Officially, Amazon Prime Day 2017 will start on July 10th, 2017 at 9PM EDT and 6PM PDT. Feel free to use this time zone converter to find out when it begins where you live.

We’ll make sure to update you on the best deals for both gaming and non-gaming items when they become available, so remember to check back on Prime Day!

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