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5 Big Improvements Coming to Shadow of War’s Nemesis System


5 Big Improvements Coming to Shadow of War’s Nemesis System

Bigger and better than ever.

More Variation, More Choices

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system was easily the most unique aspect about the game, making it something truly memorable that even garnered multiple Game of the Year Awards. Well Monolith isn’t content with what they had in the first title, as they’ve drastically improved the Nemesis system, adding in more variation and choices than ever before. At E3 2017 we got an extensive hands-on session with the game, where we got to see a few of the new changes in action.

The basics of the system are intact, requiring you to damage enemy chieftains and leaders before you’re able to dominate them. Bringing up the main menu displays a whole hierarchy of enemy forces, leading all the way up to the army’s leader. During my time with Shadow of War I decided to first take down an enemy Warchief, warping him to my side in order to boost my forces and weaken the enemies’ before taking the Fortress Siege head on. Of course, much like the first game, in order to make the Warchief appear I needed to meet a few requirements.

However, once I beat him and Dominated the chief, I was given a multitude of options. In Shadow of War you can choose to Dominate and recruit your enemy, fight them to the death, and shame them. Shaming lowers the level of the enemy, and also demotes them out of a Warchief role in the enemy’s army. The shame you’ve given does mean they’ll hold a grudge against you though and will likely try to take revenge.

At the same time the Nemesis system changes the very face of Mordor itself, as the enemies you beat or recruit will change the outcome and preparedness of battles and Nemesis Fortresses, locations you’ll need to conquer to advance in the game. Orcs have also been separated into tribes, spreading their culture and relationships throughout Mordor. Tribes will communicate with their members, spreading word of Talions’ actions that have been taken against other members of that tribe.

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