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5 Video Game Sequels We’re Still Waiting On


5 Video Game Sequels We’re Still Waiting On

We’re still waiting…


beyond good and evil 2, sequels

Sequels. Love ’em or hate ’em, sometimes we gotta have them. Beyond Good & Evil was well received by critics but wasn’t an initial hit with the masses. The game gained a cult following and has a devoted enough fan-base that a sequel has been trying to get off the ground since 2008. The road for the fans has been brutal ever since. Delays have continued to plague the release, probably because studios are still wondering if it will be worth rushing into production for.

The story featured a female protagonist named Jade, a photojournalist who investigates and fights off an alien species. Largely, a stealth game with puzzle-solving elements. In 2011, Beyond Good & Evil was given the HD treatment and made available to download. This seemed to be a test to see if the game has reached a wider audience since its debut in 2004.

It must not have been as big of a hit the second time around as they wanted it to be. A conceptual teaser for the sequel was released back in 2008, nearly 10 years ago. The gameplay looked fluid and gorgeous for the time. Recently the title has been gaining traction again, even to the point where many were hoping to see an update on the project at E3 2017. That’s seeming unlikely as developers are keeping a tight lip on things, but we’re getting closer. We’ve waited 10 years. What’s another two? Or three? Please, let’s make this happen soon.

This post was originally authored by Brandt Prescott.

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