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NieR Automata: How to Get a Membership Card


NieR Automata: How to Get a Membership Card

Money talks.

Getting a Membership Card in NieR Automata

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the new DLC pack for NieR Automata, you’ll be able to access the game’s new battle colosseums and exclusive costumes. However, before you can actually enter the battle arenas themselves, you’ll need a membership card.

Make your way to the coast of the Flooded City, and follow your Mysterious Letter quest marker. The suspicious Resistance android will ask you for a membership card. The sneaky part about this is, it doesn’t look like it’s actually possible for you to obtain one of the cards she’s asking for. At this point, you can either walk away or try to talk you way in. Choose the Negotiate option to keep the conversation going. When the opportunity presents itself, offer the android a bribe of 1,000G. It’s a pretty low amount, and you should be able to scrounge up the cash pretty easily by defeating random machines, or just selling some of your unwanted stuff.

After you give her the money, you’ll gain access to the first battle arena that the DLC has to offer.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite and our ever-expanding wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on NieR Automata.

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