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5 Ways Assassin’s Creed 2017 Can Prove it Was Worth the Wait


5 Ways Assassin’s Creed 2017 Can Prove it Was Worth the Wait

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Return of Multiplayer


No one would think that a series that revolves mainly around stealth would make for a good multiplayer title. Parkour aside, it didn’t seem like Assassin’s Creed was up to the task, but 2010’s Brotherhood sure proved us otherwise. It made the right move in playing into the paranoia that comes with the territory of a stealth game and flipped it on players, and there’s still nothing like attacking an NPC that could be a fellow player and paying for striking at the wrong time.

While multiplayer proved to be popular and has had its fair share of DLC, both Syndicate and Rogue went without it. It was understandable in some ways, given that AC Unity didn’t entirely win everyone over with the four player co-op, but we’ve gone long enough to where it can now make a glorious return and play with our senses yet again. We want to go back to paranoid stabfests! Or, if competitive doesn’t seem so much fun, a co-op focus wouldn’t go unloved.

For whatever problems that there have been with the series’ other multiplayer installments, they are still a ton of fun at the end of the day. There still is nothing like the sight of multiple Assassins (or Templars) working together in tandem to pull off daring feats that has everyone talking. Couple that with Ubisoft’s multi-season approach to DLC that rewards the long con, as we’ve seen with For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege, and it’s more than time for this series to bring back online play.

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