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5 Ways Zelda: Breath of the Wild Could Have Been Even Better


5 Ways Zelda: Breath of the Wild Could Have Been Even Better

Even the greats have room to improve.

Deeper Crafting

zelda breath of the wild

Breath of the Wild is certainly a huge evolution forward for the series, but when it comes to crafting, you can often get the feeling that the feature was never taken quite far enough. Yes, Link can use all of those monster parts and resources out in the world to craft food, potions, and elixirs to keep him fighting fit on his journey, but what about ammo, armor, and weaponry?

With the wood you can get from trees and flint that you can get from smashing rocks with a sledgehammer, could Link not make some sort of make-do arrows? Or how about using some of those monster parts you looted from corpses to make some badass armor or weaponry? Considering there are over 100 resources in Breath of the Wild, the fact we’re limited to only cooking up some different meals and brews for Link definitely feels like a limitation. It’s only a small gripe, and pretty much our only gripe when it comes to the gameplay, but hey, maybe that’ll come next time around.

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