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The Legend of Zelda Timeline Story, Explained (Lore & Storyline Summary)


The Legend of Zelda Timeline Story, Explained (Lore & Storyline Summary)

A story as old as time.

The Legend of Zelda Timeline Story & Lore, Explained

In The Beginning…

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Before there were dungeons, sages, a hero, a princess, and the King of the Gerudos, there were the three goddesses that watched over the universe. These were The Goddess of Wisdom Nayru, The Goddess of Power Din, and The Goddess of Courage Farore, who were created together and came down to save Hyrule from the madness that had enveloped the land. Thanks to their many powers, the three goddesses were able to reform and mold the land and civilization to something with law and order.

Once the three goddesses finished changing Hyrule for the better, they ascended back into the heavens, each of them leaving behind a symbol of their power. These pieces formed what was called the Triforce, with the three sections representing Wisdom, Power, and Courage. Those who possessed all three parts to this mystical relic would have their deepest desire granted, thus due to its importance, the artifact was bestowed upon the Goddess Hylia, one of the most powerful deities in all of The Legend of Zelda. However, in an attempt to recover the Triforce, the malicious Demon King known as Demise waged war against the people of Hyrule and Hylia.

In order to save the last remaining people of Hyrule, Hylia lifted a portion of the earth and sent it into the sky. Along with this went the Triforce, as she knew it would be protected from Demise there. Now with the lands ravaged by evil, those left above lived out their lives in this land of Skyloft, honoring the deity that saved them. But Hylia’s work was not done yet, as she and the remaining inhabitants banned together, sealing Demise away with their magic.

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