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5 Ways Bungie Can Take Destiny 2 to the Next Level


5 Ways Bungie Can Take Destiny 2 to the Next Level

Some changes are necessary.

More Subclasses With More Versatility

It came as a bit of a shock to some players when Bungie officially revealed that progress from the original Destiny wouldn’t carry over to Destiny 2. After spending so much time fine-tuning subclasses, players didn’t want to let go. But this gives Bungie an opportunity to make things bigger and better. By starting from scratch, subclasses could be designed from scratch as well.

Now we’re not asking them to completely do away with the likes of the Sunsinger Warlocks, Defender Titans, or Bladedancer Hunters. But we wouldn’t mind an evolution of each class that introduces new ways of using the different Burns, or perhaps a more versatile system where we can mix and match abilities, or even decide the burn for our builds rather than have certain powers locked.

Destiny 2 would really be able to embrace the RPG side of this shooter by offering more options of this nature. This would also allow for more personal legends, rather than everyone running around with the exact same skill set, which is what you see in the first game.

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