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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Is Just Simple, Robot-Bashing Fun


Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Is Just Simple, Robot-Bashing Fun

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a fast-paced game of robot gladiators taking part in voxel-based combat in a deadly arena.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone on PC

Every so often, we’re given a chance to play a game that seems to remember what it was that got most of us into gaming in the first place: fun. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone may not have the complicated gameplay, rich story, or detailed graphics of higher-budget games, but it certainly provides a great time that’s easy to get into and waste hours on. Without the trappings of more complex titles, it still creates a unique and enjoyable experience with its fast-paced play and humor-laden script.

Clone Drone Human Creation

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a gladiatorial combat arena putting players in the role of a random human whose consciousness has been uploaded into a shiny new robot body. The bizarre mechanical overlords behind the operation are even kind enough to house most of these humans in a body in their favorite color, ranging from standard fare such as red and blue to more esoteric options including “Mint?”, “WHY!?”, or “NOOOOOOO!!!”. Most of the gameplay takes place in the arena, where players must fight against the mindless hordes of robots sent to destroy them. Between bouts, a trip to the upgrade bot beneath the arena’s floor opens up new weapons, skills, and other boosts to increase your human’s chances of victory in the coming rounds.

Easily the best — and occasionally most frustrating — aspect of Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is its damage system. Rather than hit points, life meters, or any other such nonsense, both player and opponent alike take damage based on where they’re struck. Robots, including the uploaded human, can take glancing blows or even lose limbs and keep on fighting, so keeping yourself mobile and making sure your aim is true are both vital to moving on. Upgrading to a fire sword can add some oomph to these otherwise non-lethal blows, and can even spread fire from one target to the next.

Clone Drone Hammer

Speaking of upgrades, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone offers a broad variety of useful skills and weapons that can expand your repertoire. If the basic energy sword or its flaming cousin aren’t your style, the slow-swinging but powerful hammer can certainly crush the enemy, or you can pick up the bow to take robots out from a distance. The kick upgrade enables you to knock opponents over, either opening them to a lethal blow or simply crashing them into one of the many hazards strewn about the arena. Additional options include clones, which act as a reserve life to take over when you’ve been defeated, a speed-boosting jetpack, and more.

In addition to the story mode, which includes some exposition about the world in which Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is set, players may also choose to take on a stream of increasingly-tough levels in Endless Mode, allow an audience to bet on their deaths in Twitch Mode, or strive to unlock more powerful upgrades in the especially difficult Challenge Mode. T

Clone Drone Archers Spidertron

his is an early-access title on Steam, meaning that development is ongoing; this does mean that there’s a lack of polish in some ways, but suffice it to say that while it may not have the depth, detail, or high-dollar production value of bigger-name games, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is an absolute blast and its active community and development team add to this. The simplicity of its gameplay makes it very easy to jump into, and my nine-year-old son sat down and played for several hours — he even asked to help me with this review, calling the title “one of his favorite games.” While that’s just the opinion of one young gamer, it speaks volumes about the good, classic fun that’s easily worth the $14.99 price on Steam.

Score: 4.5/5 – Great


  • High speed robot combat.
  • Cool upgrades for your robo-body.
  • Ongoing addition of new features and content.


  • Lack of polish due to early-access status.

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