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The 10 Best Characters in Destiny, Ranked


The 10 Best Characters in Destiny, Ranked

Legends and Gods.

10. Rahool

Perhaps the most hated character in all of Destiny, Rahool the Cryptarch is responsible for many aggravating nights thanks to his wonderful ability to not offer players the gear they desire from exotic or legendary engrams. While his loot ratio has significantly improved over time, those who dealt with him during Destiny’s first year know just how barren his offerings were. There isn’t a ton known about Rahool outside of his base job, race, and stoic personality on display at The Tower. Yet, we cannot help but think of him as a staple too not only the HUB world itself but the core experience within Destiny.

Rahool is iconic within the community, some unknown deity that we as players beg and plead to grace us with that one piece of loot we’ve yet to receive. Everybody knows who the Cryptarch is, mainly thanks to him serving as the universal punching bag for those frustrated Guardians who have an inventory full of useless engram loot.

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