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Top 5 Hardest Xbox One Games for Achievements of 2016


Top 5 Hardest Xbox One Games for Achievements of 2016

A long grind awaits.

Dishonored 2


Bringing more of the same stealthy action that the first Dishonored offered up to players, Dishonored 2 sees players face a pretty tough choice from the get go. Dishonored 2 is a tricky game of perfectly executing revenge plots using the mystical abilities at your disposal to fend through brilliantly designed levels filled with hostile NPCs. Of course, navigating all of this is only the start. Once you’ve made your way past all of these defenses, you’ll then need to take care of a high-importance target.

This then leaves players with two options on how to play the game. Will you opt for the stealth approach of Emily Kaldwin, or the more offensive style of Corvo Attano? You can either use brute force to hack and slash your way through, or you can adopt a quieter, stealthier approach to slip by unnoticed. With so many NPCs searching for you and the environments designed in such a way that create a tough but fair level of challenge when adopting the stealthy approach, you might be beginning to get an idea of just where the difficulty lies in Dishonored 2’s achievement list.

This comes primarily down to the fact that the game scores each of your missions on a scale from stealthy low chaos runs where you try and avoid encounters and being spotted, to the kill-fest, alert every guard high chaos runs. In order to get all 1000 Gamerscore, players will need to play through the game at least twice to get the low and high chaos playthroughs. On top of that, there are achievements for completing the game without killing anyone, and another for completing the game without ever being spotted by an enemy. Toss in a few that’ll test your combat expertise, such as eliminating six enemies in less than 1.5 seconds, and others that’ll have you hunting for collectibles and it’s quite the feat. Dishonored 2’s achievements list isn’t just time-consuming, it’s downright tough, especially if you tend to rely on Corvo and Emily’s powers to give you the upper-hand. After all, you’ll need to do without them for the Flesh and Steel achievement. Best get practicing.

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