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Free DLC for Mafia III Brings Car Customization and Races

Mafia III

Free DLC for Mafia III Brings Car Customization and Races

New Bordeaux drift.

The most recent free update for Mafia III will add unlockable customization for in-game cars, as well as new races to compete in.

Winning 12 new races – “six circuit lap races and six point-to-point races” – across the city will unlock the customization options. It will also allow you drive the Griffin Marauder – which looks pretty rapid. In fact, you probably could have done with that when you were doing all the races.

There are fifty customization options in total including “decals, exhausts, spoilers, superchargers, and wheels,” and you can customize them at any of the Big Rick’s Garages around New Bordeaux.

The “Bad, Bad MR. Burke” and the “On the Prowl” outfit pad out Lincoln’s wardrobe as part of the update, and if players link to a My2K account, they will unlock the “Classico” outfit and a new gun, the “Il Duca”, as well.

For more details on the free update, and for some pictures, check out the official Mafia III blog.

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