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The 5 Smartest Moves Sony Made This Year


The 5 Smartest Moves Sony Made This Year

A great time to be a PlayStation player.

Strong Support of PSVR

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Sony’s PlayStation VR could have gone one of two ways: it could have been a roaring success, or it could have been an absolute failure. Luckily for Sony, it looks like the PSVR may well be outselling its two PC counterparts by quite a hefty margin. While there’s a valid point to be made that the PSVR benefited from a price point $100 cheaper than the next cheapest headset, the Rift, it’s also worth noting just how strong Sony’s support of its virtual reality headset was.

Rather than letting it out to die (we’re looking at you, PlayStation Move), Sony managed to jam its launch day, and the following months with a bunch of interesting and enjoyable titles such as Eagle Flight, EVE: Valkyrie, Job Simulator, and Rez: Infinite. Combine this with the fact the system launched with a bunch of other cool experiences and apps like Invasion!, the Kitchen demo, and Littlstar VR and it’s safe to say that Sony has provided strong initial support for the device. Let’s just hope it continues long into the future.

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