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Latest Wonder Woman Trailer Proves Gal Gadot Could Be the Heroine DC Really Needs

Wonder Woman Trailer

Latest Wonder Woman Trailer Proves Gal Gadot Could Be the Heroine DC Really Needs

Don’t worry, DC. Help is on the way.

The new Wonder Woman trailer was released Thursday and it is a full two minutes and 25 seconds of pure heartstring-tugging, bullet-deflecting, laugh-inducing, hype-building goodness.

The new trailer is a solid reminder of why many would deem Gal Gadot the real star of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice despite only appearing in the film for a few minutes.

Viewers receive a new in-depth look into Wonder Woman’s origin story that covers everything from personal tragedy and a devastating war to Diana’s decision to rise to the task of being a super powered defender of worlds.

Much like major DC films of the past, however, the trailer’s action scenes are interrupted by some endearing moments that allow for comedic relief.

Let’s be honest. The world hates when our super heroes take themselves too seriously and this trailer provides multiple promises that Wonder Woman wouldn’t dare hit the big screens and not bring some good laughs along for the ride.

But there is one burning question that is lying heavily on the hearts of many movie goers and DC fans — Can Wonder Woman put an end to DC’s string of disappointing big budget films?

Both Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad proved to be major disappointments and critics didn’t hesitate to rip the films apart.

While both of the previous DC films touted star-studded casts and made a point to grab some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Wonder Woman will be relying on an actress who arguably has never taken on a role this big before.

Gadot starred in Fast & Furious 6 and Fast & Furious 7 as Gisele, but the vast majority of the Israeli actress’s work comes from much smaller projects that didn’t really pick up steam in the U.S.

By no means does this suggest Gadot won’t be able to handle the role. After all, she already did an amazing job during her Batman V. Superman appearance.

What it does suggest, however, is that DC won’t be able to rely on any major preexisting Gadot fandom to ensure movie goers fall in love with DC’s most famous heroine.

Wonder Woman is scheduled to hit theaters on June 2, 2017.

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