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A Quick Kingsglaive and Brotherhood Story Recap Before Final Fantasy XV


A Quick Kingsglaive and Brotherhood Story Recap Before Final Fantasy XV

A whole universe of Final Fantasy XV.



Spoiler Warning: Please be aware that this article will spoil the story of both Kingsglaive and Brotherhood, which tie into the main story of Final Fantasy XV.

After ten long years since Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced, we’re now just a step away from Final Fantasy XV. Throughout this year, we’ve also seen a few project added onto to the game, fleshing out an entire universe.

Earlier this year at their Uncovered Event, Square Enix unveiled the full-length CG movie Kingsglaive and a five episode anime called Brotherhood. While these two pieces aren’t essential viewing before you pick up Final Fantasy XV, knowing some of the events and characters may help you have a clearer understanding going in. Do note that Square Enix is also releasing an update on launch day that adds more scenes from Kingsglaive into the game to make the timeline smoother for players.

Talking about Final Fantasy XV requires a little bit of background on the world, something that Kingsglaive provides in its opening minutes. Every property in the universe takes place in the world of Eos, and focuses on the nations of Lucis and the Niflheim Empire. The two countries have been locked in war for years now, and King Regis of Lucis keeps the crown city of Insomnia safe by holding an impenetrable magical barrier around it. Lucis has in his possession the very last functioning magic crystal in the world.

Noctis is the crown prince of Lucis, and at the start of both Kingsglaive and Final Fantasy XV he is on his way to the city of Altissia with his friends. King Regis has sent him there to be wed to Lady Lunefreya of Tenabrae, and this puts him outside of the city of Insomnia when the film’s events begin.

We’ll cover the characters and events of both Kingsglaive and the Brotherhood anime, giving you the essential information and a head start when you jump into Final Fantasy XV. This is your final spoiler warning, however, as we will be outlining the stories of both properties in their entirety.

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