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10 Horrible Video Game Movies That Should Have Never Been Made


10 Horrible Video Game Movies That Should Have Never Been Made

We swear they aren’t all Uwe Boll movies.

Hitman (2007)


Video games and the cinema have not really had the best relationship given that most of Hollywood’s interpretations have been poorly received by both critics and fans alike. Yet, there have been a select few that are so bad we wish they had never been made and have probably caused more damage than good. When looking to determine what exactly makes a terrible video game movie we will be factoring in performances, directions, cinematography, story, relationship to the source material, and overall enjoyment. If you are looking for a film to watch, we highly recommend avoiding the following with extreme prejudice.

Hitman has always seemed like a game fit for the thriller genre thanks to the slow-paced action and methodical approach to each mission. However, director Xavier Gens’ interpretation of this title was an all out action movie that failed to capture the fun and general tone of the franchise. The world is not built upon in an interesting way, instead Agent 47 feels completely out of place in his own film. It doesn’t help that the supposed stealth film features a four man sword fight in a subway car, either.

Even good actors like Timothy Olyphant can’t save poor writing that makes every character unlikable and uninteresting. In fact, this film was so bad they decided to reboot the entire series, which didn’t work, again.

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