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StarCraft II’s Upcoming Patch 3.7 Will Finally Deliver a Slew of Oft-Requested Features


StarCraft II’s Upcoming Patch 3.7 Will Finally Deliver a Slew of Oft-Requested Features

It’s about time.

The StarCraft II 3.7 patch overview video dropped today and introduced a slew of features for the classic RTS; some of which have been requested by fans for years. You can view Blizzard’s overview of the patch here, but here are the biggest and best changes revealed to be a part of StarCraft II’s next update.

Collection Gets Added to the Navigation Bar


All customization elements of the game will now be neatly organized under the newest destination in the navigation bar called, Collection. Collection holds all collected skins, announcers, emoticons, portraits, decals, and animations. Players can easily look through their collection of customization items and even see information on how to earn ones they do not already possess. You will be even able to make purchases in Collection as well. Also this might mean that fans will finally get some more skins to purchase and use.

Portraits and Decals Are Enhanced


Portraits and Decals are getting new features in the 3.7 patch. Portraits can now be used in a way, similar to clan logos, and can be displayed in-game. Decals are also getting enhanced as well. Worker units will now be able to spray decals on maps similar to how sprays can be used in Overwatch.

Custom Announcers For Multiplayer


With the new 3.7 patch, announcer voices will be able to be customized by race for multiplayer. Players will be able to choose any announcer voice regardless of the race they are currently playing. Artanis, Alarak, Abathur, Kerrigan, Raynor, and Swann will all be getting voices at release.

Nova Terra is Now a Co-Op Commander


Our favorite telepathic Terran is also the newest co-op commander. Her combat will rely on her use of technology and a covert style of play. Due to this, she is not recommended for players just starting out, and should be played by experienced StarCraft II players. The official StarCraft YouTube page will be uploading a preview for her very soon.

Separate MMR For Each Race


Players who are eager to try out new races without affecting their ladder rank on their main race can now do so with the 3.7 patch. This newest patch starts a new season and players will play five placement matches. Each placement match will rank the race you are currently playing as and will not affect the rank of another race. There will also be a separate rank for those who wish to play random races as well.

Enjoy all the new features that come with patch 3.7 and you can check out the official website for more information about the upcoming update which should drop sometime after Blizzcon.

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