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5 Key Ways Rockstar Dominates at World-Building Games


5 Key Ways Rockstar Dominates at World-Building Games

What makes Rockstar games a superstar studio.

Location, Location, Location

Poised to leap into the crowd, Rockstar Games sets out to push the threshold further and leave the video game industry with their arms extended. The recent announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 has left fans salivating over screenshots and a titillating trailer. The mere though of a sequel to one of the most successful video games from the previous generation has sent some of the most hardcore fans into a frenetic state of speculation.

Over the years, Rockstar Games has erected an impenetrable reputation with their flagship series Grand Theft Auto; the cultural phenomenon filled with delightful murder sprees and twisted reflections of our modern society. To understand why such a bleak video game premise may have found worldwide success, we need to distill the essence of what makes Rockstar Games a superstar studio, a large part of which remains their settings.

Whether traipsing through the hallways of Bullworth Academy or navigating the dense favelas of Sao Paulo, Rockstar Games have an uncanny ability to place gamers in some of the most memorable locations; locations which provide the setting for the studio to unfold their absorbing narrative. Through the numerous locations Rockstar Games has developed, each bears distinct features and is filled with remarkable detail. The neon lights of Vice City may gleam across a boulevard of palm trees and the Old West may leave you squinting into the horizon as you navigate the dusty trail.

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