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What’s New in Destiny: Rise of Iron? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in Destiny: Rise of Iron? Everything You Need to Know

What is dead may never die?


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In the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion, players will finally get to learn a bit of the lore behind Lord Saladin, the Destiny dude who hosts the Iron Banner PVP event every month. In the new story missions, Guardians will learn about the Iron Lords, a group of fighters who have been battling with the Fallen way before the Guardians ever came into existence. However, the Iron Lords were destroyed when the Fallen got their hands on a kind of nanotechnology called SIVA.

In order to wrestle back control from the aliens, the Guardians will have to become Iron Lords themselves. Rise of Iron will have players enter the Plaguelands – a new area on Earth – and take back the technology, and of course, kick some serious alien butt. This is the general story of the new campaign missions that will come with the expansion, and players can also expect new cutscenes and character interactions with their favorite NPCs. The Taken King did a great job of breathing some much-needed life and personality into existing characters, so here’s hoping that Rise of Iron continues that upward development trend.

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