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Suicide Squad’s Credits Scene Explained


Suicide Squad’s Credits Scene Explained

Obligatory super hero film credit scene, Huzzah!

Suicide Squad

Obvious Spoilers Ahead

Suicide Squad is DC’s latest venture into the cinematic space and much like any comic book property these days it has some kind of mid/post credit scene. Though what might surprise people is that there is only one this time around instead of the requisite two that many other films use. In this scene, we see both Amanda Waller and Bruce Wayne sitting in the same restaurant from the beginning of the film.

Waller is looking for protection and help from Wayne due to the Suicide Squad’s very public destructive tendencies. It’s also important to note that Waller is clearly responsible for what happened with Enchantress since she was originally intended to be in Task Force X itself. In fact, Waller even boasted how she had complete control over her to the various generals, so this entire mess will be justifiably pinned on her.

In exchange for Bruce Wayne’s protection, Waller gives him a folder containing all the information on the various meta-humans they have been watching. This not only includes people like Enchantress, but the various members of the future Justice League such as The Flash and Aquaman. Given that they never really explained how Bruce Wayne would find the various members, this is a nice way of laying out the framework for the next big DC movie.

As the scene ends, Waller mentions that Bruce needs to stop working nights, which insinuates that she knows about Batman. Then Bruce explains that if she doesn’t shut down Task Force X the Justice League will do it for her. Batman has always had a distrust for the Suicide Squad in the comics and in many instances he has outright confronted them while they’re on missions. Given that nearly half the squad itself are from Gotham City, Batman has always felt a personal responsibility to put an end to the task force.

While this scene didn’t offer any shocking reveals or world changing information, it helps lay the groundwork for the Justice League movie. Given that DC needs all the help it can get, this was an important moment for the future of their next big film. Now only if we got to see what other meta-humans were listed in that folder.

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