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Overwatch: How to Get Summer Games Olympics Skins


Overwatch: How to Get Summer Games Olympics Skins

Summer days, drifting away…

Overwatch’s first seasonal event is finally here, and Blizzard is celebrating the spirit of Olympics competition with the new Summer Games this August. With this new event, there are a ton of new summer-themed skins to unlock for your characters, and all earned Loot Boxes have been decorated with a nice, sporty design.

According to Blizzard, there are over 100 summer-themed cosmetic items to collect from this event. Since the event only lasts till August 22, you’ll have to start playing and earning those Loot Boxes if you have your eye on something you really want.

To unlock these new cosmetic items, you simply have to earn Loot Boxes. Each Loot Box is guaranteed to contain at least one Summer Games item. While you can’t purchase individual skins/items with in-game currency, you can still buy Loot Boxes from the store for extra chances to unlock the stuff you want. In short, just keep playing the game and rack up those levels so you can get your Summer Loot Boxes.

Unfortunately, this also means that the event is very RNG-heavy, and there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to unlock your favorite skins in time. Considering that players only have three weeks to enjoy the Summer Games, that’s not nearly enough time to gain over 100 levels for a crack at unlocking all of the cosmetic items. If you really want to get something specific and you’re willing to spend a bit of money, I advise heading into the Overwatch store and buying a few Loot Boxes.

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