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No Man’s Sky PSA: Your Upgrades and Technology Placement Matters


No Man’s Sky PSA: Your Upgrades and Technology Placement Matters

It’s like a puzzle game!

During your space travels in No Man’s Sky, you’re bound to install new technology and upgrades into your gear at some point. Whether it’s your starship, Exosuit, or Multi-tool, the game gives you tons of options to choose from when deciding how you want to expend your inventory slots.

However, when you do decide to install upgrades, it’s worth noting that the slots or nodes that you install upgrades in actually matters.

No Man's Sky_20160811184359

For instance, in the screenshot above, the mining beam upgrades synergize and get boosts when placed next to each other, as you can see from the green glow around its borders. Similarly, the upgrades for the Plasma Launcher get a boost as well, as signified by the purple glow. This means that your weapons and mining beams will be more effective when you place those upgrades next to each other.

But there’s a drawback to the way upgrades work in the game right now. You can’t actually move your upgrades around, and since your jetpack is placed in the corner of your Exosuit inventory slots, it’s impossible to boost its effectiveness by placing a relevant upgrade next to it. We’re not sure if this is intentional, but at least for now, you should definitely pay attention to the way you’re installing your tech in No Man’s Sky. Make sure to pair your upgrades next to each other the next time you install new technology for your equipment!

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