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Sean Murray: No Man’s Sky Is Hello Games’ Property, Not Sony’s

no man's sky

Sean Murray: No Man’s Sky Is Hello Games’ Property, Not Sony’s

Will Hello Games develop for Xbox One?

Three days ago, Gamereactor interviewed Hello Games’ Sean Murray following the release of the wildly anticipated No Man’s Sky. When asked about the pressure to finish No Man’s Sky and possibility of making a sequel, Murray replied:

“It could be… well, I think, the reality is, Sony has been amazingly supportive, but actually, once the game is out, this is not necessarily Sony’s game per se. We as an indie studio are incredibly grateful for the support, but actually once the game is out, the conversation is between the studio, the developer and the community, not necessarily the publisher or whoever.”

It is about the developer who can make changes, and the community who really understands the game now being a real thing and also want certain changes.”

Does this open the doors for an Xbox One port? Or does it express the possibility of a sequel on the Xbox One? Either way, this is very interesting, given the fact that Sony has taken so much pride in the fact that Hello Games was developing No Man’s Sky strictly for the PlayStation 4 and PC. However, Hello Games is clearly grateful to Sony for their support. Perhaps, though, this gives Xbox One owners a reason to be excited for what may be to come.


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