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No Man’s Sky Data Mine Hints at Possible Xbox One Version

No Man's Sky Possibly Coming to Xbox One

No Man’s Sky Data Mine Hints at Possible Xbox One Version

Is the PS4 release only a timed exclusive?

If it seems like almost everyone has been playing Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky the past week, that’s because they kind of have been. Creator Sean Murray tweeted last week that No Man’s Sky was, at the time, the second-most popular game on Twitch and that he was blown away by the number of active players and in-game discoveries those players had made. And that was all before the game hit PC on Friday.

Xbox One gamers have had to sit this one out, though, with Hello Games thus far having offered no official word of a potential Xbox release. But a data-mine of No Man’s Sky appearing on NeoGAF offers some hope. The game was developed using the Havoc physics engine, and the Havoc license Hello Games purchased allows for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One development.

This, of course, could purely be a case of the developer licensing Havoc for the three platforms early in development as a way to cover all of its bases prior to finalizing release platforms. As Videogamer notes, however, none of No Man’s Sky’s promotional materials so much as allude to the game being a PlayStation exclusive.

Sean Murray noted last week that while “Sony has been amazingly supportive” during the space-exploration game’s development, “once the game is out, this is not necessarily Sony’s game.”

No Man's Sky Monkey

Further, when the UK’s Daily Star asked Murray if No Man’s Sky was only a timed exclusive for PS4 that might eventually land on Xbox One, the developer stated he was unsure of what he was “actually allowed to say.” Murray then added that he had to be “very specific with” his words. A Sony public relations rep then moved the conversation along, stating that there was nothing more to discuss on that front.

Interestingly, the exchange came shortly after Murray spoke in a Reddit AMA about the reasons why developers avoid specifically mentioning certain platforms in interviews. “Whenever devs are tight-lipped, it’s normally just because they literally, legally, can’t talk about a thing,” Murray wrote at the time. “Man, you would surprised how wrapped up most devs are in contracts and nonesense [sic]. Often for instance lots of devs will have a clause that says ‘you literally can’t say the name of platform X.’ Knowing this it’s really funny watching interviews where devs are squirming trying not to [say] the word Wii or whatever when being asked about some industry thing.”

The data-mining of No Man’s Sky also showed that the game was in development long enough that Hello Games did some prototyping for PS3 and Xbox 360 releases.

There are also some other neat finds in the NeoGAF data-mine post, including a Half-Life 2 logo and models for a ship, a backpack a monkey, and a spaceman. Hello has previously said it intentionally obfuscated the player-character’s face behind a helmet so it wouldn’t be clear if he was human or alien, meaning the spaceman model would be a particularly interesting find if it turns out to be the player-character.


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