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Chrono Trigger Soundtrack Gets a Fan-Made Jazz Remix


Chrono Trigger Soundtrack Gets a Fan-Made Jazz Remix

And all that jazz!

Some talented Chrono Trigger fans have created a jazz version of the famous soundtrack which released in 1995 along with the original game. According to the website, this is the first jazz album and the 60th album put out by OverClocked ReMix, which is a website that allows fans to come together to create and promote video game related music.

Dylan Wiest is the producer and director of Chronology: A Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger and is apart of The OC Jazz Collective. This is their first album together, but they have done another song called The Guru, which was a remix of a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time song and was released in 2015. The album has a song for each era presented in the game, meaning there are eight tracks available.

“Through some fluke, I was able to assemble my own ‘dream team’ of musicians and arrangers on OC ReMix who all shared a passion for jazz and video game music,” said Wiest. “I felt Chrono Trigger would be an ideal candidate for our first release given the game’s quickly approaching 20th anniversary and the fact that Mitsuda’s music lends itself so well to jazz and improvisation.”

The album is currently free to listen on the website and on SoundCloud, there are also links for anyone who wishes to download the entire album.


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