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What the Game of Thrones Finale Could Mean for Season 7


What the Game of Thrones Finale Could Mean for Season 7

Look to the future.

Spoiler warning: if you haven’t seen the season six finale of Game of Thrones yet, don’t read!!!



Cersei Blows Up Everybody She Doesn’t Like

Game of Thrones

The finale finally gave Cersei the revenge that she’s been after since the end of season 5. After getting backed against the wall by the Sparrow, his followers, Margery, and even her own son King Tommen, it seemed like there wasn’t much more Cersei could possibly do to circumvent the Faith and take her kingdom back.

That is, if she didn’t have one more desperate ace up her sleeve. Book readers are well aware of the caches of Wildfire the Mad King kept hidden in the depths of King’s Landing, but the show has reminded us of this fact for several times this season, and now we know why. In one fell swoop, Cersei killed the Sparrow, Margery, Loras, Mace Tyrell, and pretty much everybody else in King’s Landing that she doesn’t like. This drastic move that killed many innocent citizens and even drove her own son to kill himself has also earned her kingdom back, and has thus left her the only eligible candidate for the crown (that the world knows of).

What’s this mean for season 7?

Cersei has an uphill battle to gain the support of the people of Westeros and King’s Landing. In a time of uncertainty in the kingdom as a whole, blowing up the biggest building in the city and taking power for yourself doesn’t exactly instill confidence in the people. It’ll be interesting to see how Cersei does as a ruler now devoid of her children. There’s also Jaime, who got back to King’s Landing just in time to see a blown-up Sept, a dead son, and a newly-crowned Cersei. Who know’s how he’ll react to all of this.

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