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Full Mojo Rampage Review


Full Mojo Rampage Review

Full Mojo Rampage is a highly-randomized voodoo roguelike with great multiplayer.

Full Mojo Rampage on PlayStation 4

It is always an interesting thing, I think, to see a game make the jump from PC to console. Full Mojo Rampage, a “rogue-lite” adventure with a voodoo theme, has been available on Steam for over a year, meaning there’s been plenty of time for refinements and adjustments leading up to the PS4 debut. With additional time for polishing and making sure everything is just right, Over the Top Games has really managed to dial in this fun and frantic title.

Full Mojo Rampage Bayou

Full Mojo Rampage follows the story of a voodoo apprentice as he completes quests to gain the favor of the Loa, powerful spirits at the heart of voodoo. With a wide variety of randomly-generated locations to explore, the game is different each time you pick it up. Players can collect powerful artifacts, helpful items, and plenty more on their journey to show the Loa just what they’re capable of, and the going will not be easy for those truly dedicated to strutting their stuff.

The world of Full Mojo Rampage is deeply rooted in the bayous and backwaters of Louisiana and the surrounding areas, with a rich and detailed presentation. Fight the shambling hordes of zombies amid the murky swamp, battle vicious skeletons deep within a misty graveyard, or even explore the dangers and perils of Victorian mansions and backwoods distilleries. With each stage changing from one run to the next, you’ll never be quite sure what to expect.

As far as gameplay, Full Mojo Rampage is best described as a twin-stick roguelike. There are strong RPG elements, and a definite focus on collecting and comparing both powerful equippable items, called “Mojos,” and single- or multi-use items that offer powerful effects to help you along the way. Players may even find shrines where Loa will grant especially potent artifacts or blessings that increase stats, healing, and much more.

Full Mojo Rampage Character Creation

Perhaps the strongest part of Full Mojo Rampage comes from its multiplayer element. While I didn’t have an opportunity to try out the online play, the game also offers a local co-op mode that allows a second player to enter the game using some of the life force of the primary protagonist. While this ghostly companion isn’t as powerful as our priest, the second player may re-join at any time after death, provided player one has sufficient health to allow it.

Adding to the extensive list of items that Full Mojo Rampage offers are a number of unique and interesting features. Voodoo dolls, potent Mojos designed in part by contributors to the game, offer a wide breadth of upgrades. Voodoo pins, collected during play, may be equipped at the start of a quest run to offer permanent passive boosts. The game also includes a “Mojo Mixer”, found during play and allowing players to turn two Mojos into one beefy item bearing the properties of both items used to create it.

Full Mojo Rampage Shrine

If there’s one gripe about Full Mojo Rampage, it’s that the randomization means that luck needs to be on your side. While skill can certainly overcome many of the game’s obstacles, the fact is that you’re not going to get too far or achieve great things if all your gear sucks. While most of my runs included at least a few great items, I did have a few stumbling attempts along the way that were hindered by vastly-unhelpful offerings. That’s the fickle nature of the Loa, I guess.

With its sharp graphics and deep aesthetic, Full Mojo Rampage looks great. While the challenges can seem daunting, a bit of luck in your favor when it comes to item collection goes a long way. Players will be forced to make choices between items, equipment, and blessings offered along the way. Since each run is unique, courtesy of this randomization and shuffling of areas, there’s a ton of replay value — and that’s without accounting for the available daily quest or endless modes.

All told, Full Mojo Rampage offers a lighthearted yet challenging experience. The rich environments, fantastic customization options, and decision-focused strategic approach make it a great game to pop into for a bit by yourself or to enjoy with friends, be it on the couch or over the internet. The game fits in very nicely at the $12.99 price on the PlayStation Store, and players easily get their money’s worth. Full Mojo Rampage is also available for Xbox One.

Score: 4.5/5 – Great


  • Great, sharp graphics.
  • All-around cool voodoo theme.
  • Great fun for single- or multi-player action.


  • Some very difficult areas and quests.
  • Luck plays a huge factor in success.

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