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Every Overwatch Character’s Backstory


Every Overwatch Character’s Backstory

Everyone has a story.

Mei-Ling Zhou

Every Overwatch Character’s Backstory

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A 31 year-old climatologist formerly based in Xi’an, China. As part of Overwatch’s cutting-edge, multiyear initiative to solve the world’s climate crisis, Mei was assigned to Watchpoint: Antarctica.

The group of scientists working in the Antarctica monitoring station were forced into cryogenic sleep after a catastrophic polar storm destroyed the facility. A rescue mission never came, and it was only years later that the station’s fate was discovered. Mei was the only survivor.

When she awoke, the world had faced considerable changes. Overwatch had disbanded, and the climate issues her team worked tirelessly to solve had gotten much, much worse. None of the eco-Watchpoints were in operation, and any uncovered clues were lost.

Mei now travels around the world with a portable version of her climate-manipulation technology. She’s looking to restore Overwatch’s eco-network and track down the causes of the threats to the planet’s ecosystem.

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