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Battlefield 1 Weapon Designer Details Snipers, Customization, and More

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Weapon Designer Details Snipers, Customization, and More

Creating a less clunky World War 1 experience.

Along with releasing a teaser trailer for Battlefield 1 earlier today, DICE and EA took to the Battlefield website to answer some questions related to the upcoming title’s weapons. The questions were asked by Twitch livestreamer Darkness429.

The questions were answered by Battlefield 1’s Weapon Designer, Julian Schimek, who revealed that compared to previous Battlefield games, Battlefield 1’s weapons will be a “bit more specialized.” Due to this, Schimek mentioned that players will need to learn about each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of them. He also revealed that players will be able to customize their weapons with bayonets and “alter their handling, as well as changing your weapons sights’ magnification.” The game will also feature weapon skins, which DICE will reveal more about in later months.

Compared to the other Battlefield games, Battlefield 1 will feature more melee based weaponry. According to Schimek, the reason for this is because “getting up-close and personal with your enemies was much more common in World War 1 than in other wars of the 20th century.” Because of this, Battlefield 1 will feature a bunch of different melee weapons, each with their own attack speed and damage stats.

Battlefield 1’s sniper rifles will also be slightly different than in other games in the series because compared to these more modern shooters where being as far away as possible is what matters, in this game the sniper rifle will “actually be the most effective when you stay at the right distance to your target.” Schimek also notes that players will feel comfortable with the game’s gadgets despite them looking different.

In other Battlefield 1 news, the game nearly never got made because EA didn’t think that kids knew about World War 1.

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