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5 Possibilities for Destiny’s Rise of Iron


5 Possibilities for Destiny’s Rise of Iron

Time to speculate with reckless abandon!

With the possible leak of Destiny’s newest expansion catching like wildfire, we can not help but speculate what, where, or when Rise of Iron actually takes place. While Destiny has had a fair amount of ups and downs, it’s impressive how dedicated the community really is to this game. The Taken King ushered in the second year of Destiny, and the April Update fixed and added some much-needed features that players were clamoring for. Now with Destiny 2 still a year away, it’s not surprising that Bungie would be releasing a second expansion sometime in late summer/early fall.

There are a lot of possibilities for what this new expansion could bring, as Destiny has a very rich and defined lore that’s been building up since launch. Seeing major hero’s like Saladin take the stage is interesting, but there are many other avenues Rise of Iron could go down. Here are a few concepts that this new expansion could easily explore and develop.

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