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Street Fighter V Status Update Targets Rage Quitters

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Status Update Targets Rage Quitters

Stop raging, Capcom’s watching.

Earlier today on the Capcom Unity blog, Capcom released details on how they plan to deal with Street Fighter V players with “high disconnect rates,” known as  rage quitters to the community,  in the short term while they work on a more permanent solution.

In the post, Capcom revealed that they will now be punishing players on a weekly basis who they believe have a higher than average disconnect rate. To be more exact, the players who will be punished will be those who have discounted between 80 and 90 percent of their games, although they added that they don’t “want to start dishing out any punishments without clear proof.”

Until they have a permanent answer for rage quitters, Capcom will be punishing players by docking their League Points first as a warning. They have so far punished roughly 30 players and they will continue to monitor these accounts and take further actions if needed. While Capcom has yet to announce when they will have a permanent way of dealing with rage quitters, the company has promised that it will keep everyone informed regarding its progress.

In the same post, Capcom also announced that they have made the following fixes recently:

  • An issue where some users could not be found in Rival Search is now resolved.

  • Fixed an issue with players being disconnected immediately after creating a Battle Lounge.

Capcom also noted that they’re currently working on these issues:

  • Users with “-“ and “_” in their Fighter ID can’t be searched.

  • If you get disconnected while making a Fighter ID, your Fighter ID will be either your PSN or Steam ID.

  • Fighter Profile data is currently not populating with information. This will come at a later date.

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