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Microsoft Shows off More Quantum Break Gameplay

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Microsoft Shows off More Quantum Break Gameplay

No spoilers, only run-and-gun gameplay.

Last night Microsoft demoed more Quantum Break gameplay exclusively through the company’s Twitch channel.

Although the stream has since ended, a recording of the gameplay can be found here on the Microsoft Twitch channel. The stream featured Microsoft’s Josh Stein and Shannon Loftis playing through the second chapter in Quantum Break.

The action picked up in what looked to be an office building, with Loftis taking charge of protagonist Jack Joyce in order to fight her way out of the building. Loftis also demoed a new in-game feature, whereby Joyce would scan the environment for enemy heat signatures, allowing him to track enemy movements for a short amount of time.

In addition to this, Stein also detailed how players could utilise certain abilities to their advantage. He revealed that if a player was to execute a “Time Rush” straight into an enemy, they would be granted with a time delay in which to move around and aim freely.

Loftis also revealed that the player could turn on radios throughout the game to hear “broadcasts from the past.” Giving these radio broadcasts would be none other than the same man who was broadcasting on the radio in Alan Wake, another game made by Remedy Entertainment, although Loftis did state that “he’d now be talking about different things.”

Microsoft also showed off a time puzzle during the stream. Coming across a platform that sank when Joyce stepped on it, Loftis threw a time bomb on the platform in order to stop it sinking, so Joyce could successfully reach the ledge on the other side of the platform.

The stream wrapped up with Loftis showing off a second time puzzle. This time Joyce was tasked with hitting a button, and then making it through a gate before said gate closed. Stein revealed that there were multiple ways of completing the puzzle, for example players could throw a “Time Stop” on the gate to stop it from shutting, or boost forward using the “Time Rush” mechanic to reach the gate before it closed.

Quantum Break will release worldwide on April 5, for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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