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10 Great Games Where You Literally Just Do Chores


10 Great Games Where You Literally Just Do Chores

Games that make you ignore your chores by having you do chores.

Harvest Moon


Is there anything better than waking up at the crack of dawn to start planting seeds, feeding the chickens, and milking the cows all in the vague hopes of making enough money to allow your lifestyle to continue another day?

Oh, there is you say? Literally everything you say?

Well then, why is Harvest Moon so compelling? At the time of the original game’s release, a part of the appeal was certainly due to the fact that there was nothing else quite like it. But, even after all these years, this farming simulator’s charms and sense of fun still make it stand out in the chore list genre. Of course, its use of fantasy elements and a detailed dating simulator certainly didn’t hurt.

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