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Final Fantasy II Is Free Right Now Via the Final Fantasy Portal App

Final Fantasy II, Mobile

Final Fantasy II Is Free Right Now Via the Final Fantasy Portal App

A classic Final Fantasy is yours for the taking, temporarily.

The Final Fantasy Portal App is celebrating its one year anniversary worldwide. The app provides a link to all things Final Fantasy,both news and new app and game releases.

In honor of the anniversary, Square Enix is giving everyone who uses the app a free game. You can download Final Fantasy II by using the Portal app and selecting it from the app list. Normally the game would run $7.99 on either iOS or Android. The free download will be available until February 14.

The Portal app is available for free on mobile devices, and if you get Final Fantasy II you’ll have to launch it through the Final Fantasy Portal App whenever you want to play it. Triple Triad is another game that’s always free on the Portal, and when the app first launched a year ago the very first Final Fantasy was offered for free.

Final Fantasy II is a classic title that changed its experience system from the first game to match whatever actions characters took in battle. It also featured a more character-centric story. Head on over to the App Store or the Google Play Store to snag your free copy of the game.

Have you played Final Fantasy II before? Are you looking to play it for the first time now? Let us know down in the comments.



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