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ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame Dinosaurs and Other Animals

ARK: Survival Evolved how to tame dinosaurs and animals

ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Tame Dinosaurs and Other Animals

Food + narcotics = friendship.

Need some tips on how to tame dinosaurs and other animals in ARK: Survival Evolved? All you’ll need is some choice food, a handful of narcotics, and a delicate whack on the head.

All but 5 creatures in ARK must be tamed violently, and you’ll start this by knocking the beast unconscious. This can be done by hitting them over the head with a club or your fists, or shooting them with tranquilizer arrows or darts.

You’ll then need to go into the dinosaur/other prehistoric animal’s inventory and place there the particular food it prefers. Dodos like berries, for example, while carnivores will want meat. The dino will eat these items when their hunger falls a certain number of points. With each consumption, the Taming bar will increase.

It’s incredibly important to keep your creature unconscious during the taming process. The purple Unconscious bar will slowly deplete, and if it runs out, the animal will wake up and the taming will end. Even worse, you’ll lose any food you stuffed into their inventory, and trying to club them back to sleep will often kill them.

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