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Every Year of the Xbox 360 Ranked from Worst to Best


Every Year of the Xbox 360 Ranked from Worst to Best

See what was the best year to own and play on an Xbox 360!

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11) 2005

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Notable Releases: Kameo: Elements of Powers, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Perfect Dark Zero, King Kong, Call of Duty 2, Quake 4, Dead or Alive 4, Ridge Racer 6, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Need for Speed: Most Wanted…The Xbox 360?

OK, so the Xbox 360 only had a little over a month in 2005 to compete with the rest of the entries. The release date of Nov. 22 only allowed for so much room for new releases. As with most console launches, the initial slew of Xbox 360 games didn’t impress so much as they just existed as an appetizer for bigger games to come. The system sellers didn’t land until months later. Needlessly to say, 2005 was not kind to Xbox 360 owners looking for stellar new games to play.

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