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All 7 Halo Games Ranked From Best to Worst


All 7 Halo Games Ranked From Best to Worst

All of ’em.



What does Reach have that the other Bungie Halo games don’t? Confidence.

The heroes of Noble Team knows that they have to do whatever they can to stop the Covenant from glassing the titular planet and, despite the odds being stacked against them, they have the confidence to think they can pull it off. Likewise, Bungie has the confidence in themselves to truly show that war is hell, and that not everyone makes it out of it alive. Previous games suffered from bad pacing and feeling like two separate games, but Reach avoids this problem by making that the root of the plot. Reach contains some of the best setpieces (space combat!) and is a blast to play from start to finish, especially with that ending.

Likewise, the multiplayer is blown out and filled with plenty of things for fans to like. Loadouts offer fun customization, the armor abilities are perfectly tuned (except armor lock), and the Firefight is better than ever. Whether you’re a campaign or multiplayer hound, Reach offers something fun for everyone and is a worthy capper to Bungie’s tenure.

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