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These 10 Video Game Dog Cosplays Are Impawsible to Not Love


These 10 Video Game Dog Cosplays Are Impawsible to Not Love

Every dog has his day – it’s called Comic Con!

This past Thursday my esteemed colleague Stan Guderski wrote a charming piece about eight incredible examples of cat cosplays inspired by video games such as Fallout 4, The Legend of Zelda, and even Silent Hill. While I commend the efforts of Stan and these cosplay cats, there is a grave injustice at play here. Where are all the dog cosplays? In order to right this wrong, I counter with the ten best examples of canine cosplay the Internet has to offer.

For starters, we are treated to this wonderful rendition of the Moonlight Pokemon – Umbreon. This amazing costume was hand made and posted by DeviantArt user leafon-ex.


Continuing on the Pokemon train, we are treated to two canine cosplays channeling the visages of Houndour (by DeviantArt user edgefan-talon) and Houndoom (as posted on Twitter by @Piiikaachu). These trainers may have captured this Pokemon, but these cosplays undoubtedly captured our hearts!


Here, we see two beautiful Husky pups team up as the iconic Mario and Luigi brothers! Ya-hoo!

#PetCosplay #Gamer #Geek #OrgulloFriki #Friki

A photo posted by FRIKIS DE VENEZUELA -OFICIAL- (@frikisdevenezuela) on

Speaking of Super Mario Bros., dressing up pets as King Bowser Koopa actually seems to be a popular trend. Although, what we have never seen until now is a Bowser & Chain Chomp team cosplay – constructed and posted by Reddit user MapleSuicide! Although, it would seem that everyone but the dog here is happy about it.

bowser and chomp

Telltale Games – you should be paying attention to this. What your Game of Thrones games absolutely need are Westerosi pugs! These wonderful cosplays are brought to you by fantasy film enthusiast and married couple, Phillip and Sue Lauer, who happily spend time making high fantasy themed costumes and photography shoots with their three pugs Blue, Bono and Roxy for over 7 years. With the help of blinkbox, the pugs were also filmed in this charming Games of Thrones cosplay video!

Legend of Zelda, Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z, AND One Piece?? This pooch’s cosplay game is TOO STRONG. Check out the HachiCorp’s Etsy store where all of these dog costumes are available for purchase!

Speaking of The Legend of Zelda, no other dog cosplayer is more renowned to pull this off than the Internet famous Kiba the Cosplay Corgi! And check out Kiba’s wonderul Assassin’s Creed cosplay as well – cats of the Templar Order and Abstergo Industries beware!



While my last mixtape was not fire, this Okami Amaterasu cosplay is a raging inferno brought to you by a collaboration between DeviantArt users Enchanted Cupcake, GanguroLove, Volko-Dav – and last but not least, Dante, the star of this show.


In the end, whether you are dog person or cat person, what this world needs is more pet cosplays. We hope to see more in the future! Which one of these canine cosplays was your favorite? What cosplays do you want to see man’s best friend do in the future? Feel free to comment and share below!

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