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Let’s Rank the God of War Games from Worst to Best


Let’s Rank the God of War Games from Worst to Best

So much anger.

6: God of War: Ascension

god_of_war_ascension_ps3_game-1920x1080 (1)

God of War: Ascension was the prequel that nobody remembered asking for and it ended up receiving a lot of flack from those looking for a more of a story progression rather than another prequel. But, that doesn’t mean Ascension was a bad game, it was actually far from it. The main point of contention with this particular entry in the series is its choice of primary targets. Where all of the previous games in the franchise pit you against gods and titans, Kratos is after the furies this time around and, as cool to look at as they may be, they just don’t carry the same weight as individuals like Athena and Cronos.

Gameplay wise Ascension was your standard God of War affair. The introduction of multiplayer was actually a nice touch and it worked surprisingly well. Team on team combat with random arena events occurring throughout battles was a nice way of blending the single player with competitive play.

God of War: Ascension was a solid addition to the series that just failed to live up to the stories laid out beforehand. Sure it gave a glimpse into just how far the Ghost of Sparta was willing to go in order to exact his vengeance, but without the big mythological stars it fought an up-hill battle. 

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