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[Rant] Mafia II And Its Almost Stroke Of Genius


[Rant] Mafia II And Its Almost Stroke Of Genius

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This is Twinfinite’s first video rant (as well as mine) wherein I complain for seven minutes about how Mafia II was great but could have been greater. Specifically, it could have used player choice to its advantage to drive home the commentary it was trying to provoke. Don’t let this all dissuade you though, as it is a surprisingly good game. Particularly for those that like the free roaming/ GTA styled genre. Its story is also really well done and I don’t think another game has sucked me into the 50’s quite like it.

As for the video itself, you may think it’s weird that I’m standing in front of a random abyss. That was supposed to be my green screen. Apparently forest green is black to my colorblind camera. First attempt though, next time I’ll be able to actually show footage in the background. Provided I have anything to talk about, anyway. I was cut short by my dog saying, “shut up” in dog language.

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