What’s New in FIFA 18’s Update 1.02? Everything You Need to Know

What’s New in FIFA 18’s Update 1.02? Everything You Need to Know

FIFA 18’s update 1.02 has begun to roll out and it seems to be bringing some changes that a lot of fans have been asking for. It addresses some bugs that have cropped up in any of the game’s modes, as well as tweaking some gameplay elements, too.

The standout alteration affects the goalkeepers, one of the FIFA 18’s weakest areas. Update 1.02 has ‘tuned goalkeeper reactions in certain situations’ and ‘reduced shot accuracy and slightly increased goalkeeper reaction times in certain in-game situations,’ which should hopefully improve goalkeepers across the board. The other gameplay change sees the difficulty of Amateur and Semi-Pro tuned down due to some players struggling on modes such as Ultimate Team’s Squad Battles.

Other notable changes include improvements to the kit clashing logic, goal net animation improvements, the addition of the ability to delegate contract renewals in Career Mode, addressing bugs and crash issues in The Journey, and FUT item visual improvements. You can see the full update 1.02 patch notes on the FIFA Forums.

FIFA 18’s Update 1.02 is available now on PC and should come to console versions very soon. For more on FIFA 18 check out our wiki and our review.

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